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SMRTAPPS™ is made in a new development tool "Capture OnTheGo" (COTG), which is a platform we can provide too. Capture OnTheGo is comparable to an empty "container" in which you can store Apps, thereon distribute them for data acquisition in "the field".

Capture OnTheGo work on all types of smartphones and can be used both online and offline with subsequent synchronization. Capture OnTheGo is an advanced workflow that is used for deploying Apps thereon submitting data in any format as well as integration into existing environments.

The Benefits of Capture OnTheGo

  • Faster and cheaper App development
  • Effortless maintenance and App deployment
  • We can deploy new apps directly to mobile phones including data from relevant systems, and thereby avoiding cumbersome synchronization
  • It works on all smartphones and tablets (use the "tool" you prefer, to perform the digital tasks in "the field")
  • App development for different mobile phones does not require specific customization

Get in touch

Get in touch

If you have any questions, we are ready to assist you. You can reach us at +45 75 17 61 50.

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